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Enhancements to buildings

The Library Foundation's first project, in 1995, supported the preservation and renovation of our historic Central Library, an iconic center for knowledge in downtown Portland. This historic building was one of the first open-plan libraries ever built. The Library Foundation helped to secure its future as an icon and vibrant center for learning and culture.

Since that time, gifts from our supporters have helped to revitalize or enhance 12 out of the 19 library locations across our community.

By responding to the needs of our community, and of each individual neighborhood, the library helps level the playing for children and families in underserved communities. Since 1995, the population of Multnomah County has grown by 30%, and is on track to increase another 30% by the year XXXX. 

Our library system is a model of efficiency and reach. Every neighborhood library within the system — all 19 locations — would fit into Seattle's Central Library with room to spare. 

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Rockwood Makerspace connects teens throu

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