Multnomah County Library

Our library is one of the most important cultural and educational resources in our region. With the fourth-highest circulation of any library in the U.S., Multnomah County Library reaches more than 17,000 people every day — in-person and online.


Known for its innovative responses to emerging community needs, Multnomah County Library is considered a national leader among libraries. Last year, more than 600 virtual storytimes were offered in seven languages and cultures, engaging more than 30,000 children and parents. Early literacy programs offer books, virtual storytimes, and parent education in 20 languages and cultures. The library's website can be accessed in five languages as well.

Multnomah County Library offers not only a depth of culture, but also a breadth of reach. Over half of county residents have an active library card.  More than 30,000 books and materials are checked out or renewed every day. And for those who cannot travel to the library, the library comes to them. Last year thousands of seniors received book deliveries.

Our library keeps us connected. Multnomah County Library is the largest provider of free high-speed internet in Oregon, facilitating more than 440,000 WiFi sessions last year. Library staff offer technology assistance at each location, helping job seekers, students, and seniors find the answers they need.

Parents who do not speak English fluently often worry about reading with their children. Early literacy specialists at Multnomah County Library encourage families to read together in whatever language is most comfortable.
Multnomah County Library offers early literacy programs and materials in 20 languages, helping children and families see themselves in the books they read.
Four brothers read and play together at Hillsdale Library.