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Libraries for our future

Room to learn, collaborate, and connect with one another and our community — these are the hallmarks of a 21st century library.

Multnomah County Library is undergoing a dramatic transformation that will increase our library system's space by nearly 60% and position our library to meet our community’s needs into the future. By building or significantly expanding 8 of our libraries and remodeling 11 other libraries, we will pave the way for innovative, culturally relevant programs and services, from early learning spaces and makerspaces to job resource centers and technology labs. These changes will transform neighborhoods, bringing new life to the cramped buildings and aging infrastructure we have in some of our libraries today. 

The Library Foundation’s supporters are playing a vital role in this transformation. Gifts over the next three years will enable the library to design and build cutting-edge learning spaces for young children, school-age children and teens in 8 new and renovated libraries and, at the same time, help the foundation sustain the library’s broad array of life-changing children’s literacy programs. The building projects made possible by foundation support include: 

  • Interactive early learning spaces in 8 libraries to engage young children and families

  • Study spaces for teens in 7 libraries for independent study, access to technology, and collaborative projects. Enclosed spaces will prevent teens from disturbing other library patrons

  • STEAM learning labs in 8 libraries that will connect children and teens to the very latest in science, technology, engineering, arts and math, with mentors knowledgeable in these areas 

  • Enclosed outdoor children’s spaces at 2 libraries, connected to indoor children’s areas, so families can gather, interact, and feel safe in an enclosed outdoor area

These projects are ambitious, with far-reaching impact for years to come. Gifts to The Library Foundation over the next three years will make these library spaces possible and sustain the library’s highly effective reading and learning programs for children and teens. 

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