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Learning through play is an important part of early literacy. Specially-designed early literacy nooks invite young families to use the library at a critical time in a child's development.

Learning through play

Now more than ever, experts recognize the importance of interactive play.

Interactive play is vital to cognitive development. Recent research shows that reading and playing together with a caring adult has an even greater impact on the developing brain than we previously knew.


Young children who play and read aloud with their parents have an easier time learning to read. They build kindergarten readiness skills, such as problem-solving, reasoning and empathy, and are more likely to succeed in all academic subjects.


Multnomah County Library worked with national experts in educational play design to create "literacy nooks" that work within the small footprint of our libraries. These bright, interactive nooks entice families to spend time reading and playing together, building the brain pathways that support literacy.


When parents are at the library, they are exposed to simple read-aloud strategies that they can use to prepare their children for kindergarten, regardless of their own literacy level. 

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