A young girl plays at one of Multnomah County Library's early literacy playspaces

Building a

brighter future

Reading is our first taste of freedom. A lifelong gift that cannot be taken away, it is the first step to becoming a productive, open and insightful member of our community. 

Every child deserves the chance to lead a life full of promise and to believe that success is within reach. Early exposure to books and reading helps each of us fulfill our true potential. Without it, a child faces a daunting road.

The Library Foundation helps librarians bring life-changing books and programs into the lives of children, from birth through high school. Last year, gifts to The Library Foundation, large and small, helped Multnomah County Library reach more than 210,000 people in our community. 


Beyond Library Walls

Gifts from individuals and families help librarians expand their work and reach across our community, bringing innovative programs to vulnerable children from birth through high school. These programs level the playing field for children at risk for low literacy. 

Strategic partnerships with hospitals, Head Starts, free health clinics, hundreds of schools in eight school districts, juvenile detention centers, programs for teen parents, and programs for immigrants and refugees enable librarians to reach families who would benefit most from library services. Library staff and volunteers bring innovative programs, parent education, and books in 20 languages to children and parents dealing with challenging life circumstances.

Last year, the library reached 73% of children in our county with proven literacy programs, made possible by gifts to The Library Foundation. Multnomah County Library's reach, expertise, and strong partnerships create life-changing outcomes for our most vulnerable children.

Early literacy begins wih a trusted adult, a book, and a child. This mother and baby are reading together at Multnomah County Library
Rockwood Library is one of the smallest, and busiest, in the Multnomah County Library system. Teenagers can hand out in a space that is safe and constructve.
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