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Our library today is so much more than books and buildings. It is an expansive resource that reaches to the outermost corners of our community. Peruse these news resources to learn more about our library's impact and the foundation's work to support it.

"A crowd gathers outside downtown Portland's Multnomah County Library main branch every morning, waiting with anticipation like they were preparing to storm a rock concert."  
                                                                                                                        -The Oregonian


Multnomah County Library earns 5-star rating on national index ››

Paul Allen Foundation announces Creative Leadership Award ››

Paul Allen targets youth, arts, environment with Portland gifts ››

Paul Allen Foundation awards grant to Multnomah County Library ››

Portland Tribune reports on district ››

Oregonian reports on district ››

Portland Mercury endorses library district ››

Willamette Week endorses library district ››

Portland Tribune endorses library district ››

Summer Reading Reaches more than 100,000 children ››

Public Hearing about the library district ››

City weighs in on effects of library district ››

Mult. Co. libraries to close Mondays, reduce hours because of budget cuts ››

County plans to listen to library ideas ››

Celebrating 100 years of Summer Reading ››

The Oregonian editorial on library cuts ››

Multnomah County libraries to close Mondays ››

Library hours cut, despite tax passage ››

Beverly Cleary kicks in for libraries ››

Library boosters may seek district vote ››

Library levy passes easily ››

Voters overwhelmingly pass library funding measure ››

Oregon's wired libraries are a digital delight ››

KGW News video on May library levy ››

The Oregonian endorses Measure 26-125 ››

Portland Tribune support library levy ››

Measure 26-125 endorsed by Willamette Week ››

Candidates challenged by library levy, district ››

County commissioners approve May and Nov. library measures ››

Library compromise keeps doors open ››

Mult. leaders put forward temporary library funding measure ››

County deal puts library levy, district to a vote ››

Multnomah Co. changes course on library tax district ››

Officials agree to seek levy first, then taxing district ››

2011 archived news ››

2010 archived news ››

2008-09 archived news ››